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Idle Heroes Tier List – The Best 2020 Heroes List

What is Idle heroes?

Idle hero is a part playing cell phone game and it is also known as RPG which is launched by the Chinese publisher Droid Hang Games(DH Games) in June 2016. You can easily get this in your android and IOS for free. And can be easily downloaded from provided app stores. The main purpose of the game is to collect the circle of heroes and gradually develop or enhance them with advanced features. The heroes’ clashes are performed, again and again, and that gives multiples awards even if you are not playing.

Idle Heroes Tier List

You have a variety of characters in the Idle heroes and all you have to do is to unlock them. If you play more and more the more easily you can unlock them in less time. The Idle heroes bring more than 200 heroes with their own functions, tremendous skills, and tiers.

Idle heroes is taken as Arcade Games as you become addicted when you play this. Go and play with your best players and assist your partners to attack supervisors and when will do you will get awards.

Here we are going to give you some ideas about the best heroes of the game, guide, private server and events.

Idle heroes best heroes:

In the start you may feel uncomfortable to choose the good characters, as it is difficult for you to get 4 and 5 star heroes but it’s a good thing about game that it is supervising you from the beginning and you are able to have 5 lot of 5 stars heroes in the start and that would be free of cost and these are definitely very good for beginners.

Idle heroes guide:

It’s important to get a guide for the game if you are the beginner or the proper player. If you are facing any problem in the game you can just visit the guide and there you will get the most important strategies and that would be helping you a lot.

Idle Heroes Private server:

This is basically a completely enjoyable and part playing activity game. Different parts playing heroes in the game satisfy each competitor. Time bounding updates just built the interest of the players to speedily pick and stays busy in the game in all the spare time.

Idle heroes events:

The events in the idle heroes play a vital role in the game. The competitors can have important things and also the highest tiers characters of the game. If you have an idea of tackling these events then you can just easily get variety of awards and upgrades for your crew and make it more stronger than other ones. 

Now coming back to our main topic and that is tier list of Idle heroes. Below you are going to find a sequence of tiers and their characters 

Tier list of Idle Heroes

When you are going to play Idle heroes so you must have an idea about its characters that what’s their importance and on which category all these characters fall. For this purpose we created a Tier list of Idle heroes for you and this list goes to boom and in size, in reputation, There are two main list of idle heroes and these are PVP list and PVE list. Going to tell you about these so you will have an idea that what actually they are.

About PVP and PVE:

Online games are mostly divided in lists according to their characters and the list includes PVP and PVE list

PVP stands for Players vs. Player is a word mostly seen to used for online games. This is a comparison to games in which competitors compete in opposition of computer control opponents or competitors that is assigned as PVE players.

PVE stands for Player versus Environment is a word mostly seen to use for online games. This is a comparison to games in which competitors compete in opposition of computer control opponents or competitors that is assigned as PVP players

Now just let’s start about knowing the tier and the characters come in each tier . Every tier is just placed according to its importance and value and the characters in these tiers respectively.

God Tier

God tier is a greater tier idle heroes. Heroes in this tier are long-lasting and you should go for these. All the characters in God tier are having superb skills and functions.


aida idle heroes

Faction: Light
Class: Mage

  • Aida is an excellent destructive supporter of PVP positions.
  • She has fast skills she just neglects armor and can tick enemies and make them cause to lower their health’s percentage by using their fast skills. 
  • The best thing about this is that destructive from these ticks just ignores shields, those makes her good in PVP situations. 
  • And with her main charge, Aida handles with her opponent’s HP’s percentage, And Aida also has the self-serving ability. 
  • Tipping off, she weakens opponent curing at the last of every round, which is less remarkable in PVP.
  • Because of all these abilities Aida has got a brilliant place on this Tier list.


amen-ra idle heroes

Faction: Dark
Class: Priest

  • Amen-Ra is taken as the most capable hero in Idle Heroes.
  • This is all because of these qualities found in her
  • First, her shadow defense proficiency is incredibly authoritative. Not only it negates damages on allies but it twists the negated destruction into curing, which shows this ability against destructive composition.
  • It also has too much liability of clarifying the opponent front line
  • Thanks to her Aura of Sorrow, She is very difficult to crowd control, and that is one more reason she’s much used in the team of Top-Meta. 
  • Despise that, with her main war, she puts a curse that negates the curing and able to overcome destruction in place of that. 
  • Above all Amen Ra is obviously the much strong hero in the game and that’s why she definitely falls on our top list.


horus idle heroes

action: Shadow

Class: Warrior

  • Horus is the most flexible hero in Idle heroes. 
  • There are many distinctive forms for him, each sewn for a particular spot and that makes him quite feasible. 
  • Horus’s inner self permits him to handle some severe destruction and providing him a weird quantity of detracting destruction against back-line opponents. 
  • If you will just keep this with Horus’ Descending Raven passive capability, the fight will remain for a long time and he will become more destructive. 
  • And this is the reason that he starts shining while fighting for time.
  • On pinnacle of that, his crimson contract could make him pretty persistent and almost proof against crowd manipulate, even as additionally offering a few extra hp based damage.
  • Because of these qualities, Horus has got the highest place on the tier list.

Tier 0.5


gustin idle heroes

Faction: Shadow

Role: Priest

  • Gustin is an incredible help hero.
  • He is able to show the ranking in your account.
  • His Demon Totem abilities permit him to eliminate buffs from the opponent, and he will also cast off rebuffs from allies and helps in curing at the last of every round.


oberon idle heroes

Faction: Forest
Class: Mage

  • Oberon is a pretty precise hero in relation to PVP. 
  • He’s one in all a few heroes able to respond Amen-Ra, and thanks to his specific ability. His noxious loop permits him to rebuff the opponent with a knot. 
  • This in itself is not anything special, however, whilst you are taking his passive, herbal manipulation into attention, that’s while things begin getting captivating. 
  • This permits Oberon to cure himself and make deadly his warring parties on every occasion an opponent is laid low with wire. 
  • But that’s no longer all, this additionally buffs Oberon’s harm and the outcomes stack. 
  • To make things even extra insane, having a couple of Oberon in your crew will cause each of them to cause the passive impact every time an opponent is affected by twine.
  • Above all, his virus effect avoids Amen-Ra’s attendant shadow, which makes him a superiority counter for her, and it additionally scores him a food place on our tier list. 

Tier 1:

The Brilliant tier of the idle heroes after God tier is Tier 1. All the characters in this tier are just have their own talents and abilities. They will follow you for long time


asmodel idle heroes

Faction: Light
Class: Warrior

  • Asmodel is one of the satisfactory light heroes on the subject of PVP in idle heroes. 
  • His primary powers are his crucial marks, which could despoil his opponents. 
  • Quite a good deal all of his capabilities are capable of making use of crucial marks, and once caused, those can deal a few terrific burst destruction. 
  • Nevertheless, on the way to fully make use of his capability, Asmodel desires to take harm, and he’s also a pretty foil to crowd control results. 
  • Regardless of this, he’s nevertheless one of the fine heroes.


Faction: Dark
Class: Mage

  • Mihm is one of the maximum amusing and fulfilling heroes to play PVP within idle heroes. 
  • First and important, Mihm is absolutely proof against all crowd manipulate effects.
  • When you keep in mind a reality that his passive also provides him harm decline, and that is completely tough for him to take down. 
  • He can decrease the fortitude of his objectives, that is completely a pleasant feat.
  • However, what actually brings glaze on Mihm is his shadow Fission passive. And that allows him to accord crazy quantity of destruction at the battlefield when the hero dies, and it heaps.
  • Nice of all, If you are having a couple of Mihm for your team, each of them will activate this impact.
  • He would be on pinnacle of the tier list if now not for the reality that he is very hard to get, and some people have two or extra. However, everybody having two or more than two Mihms can easily take him as a top tier hero.


Faction: Fortress
Class: Ranger

  • Playing with Penny in Idle heroes is just as fun, in each feel of that word. 
  • She will be able to deal terrific quantity of destruction along with her deadly Fireworks skill, and that also presents her a stack of explosive armor, inflicting her to avoid the subsequent manage effect implemented to her. 
  • Apart from that, by the time she fires a fundamental attack, she amends the opponent front line that makes her increase the essential harm and offers her a stack of reflection armor. 
  • This makes her yield decreased harm from the subsequent primary attack or lively artistry and then displays it again upon the opponent, which assists Penny to live in PVP conditions. 
  • Her Eerie Trickery quietly allows Penny a stack of each explosive and reflection armor each time she crits and additionally harms all the opponents whenever crit takes place. And because of all this makes a penny a clap to play with.

Tier 1.5:

This tier of the game is less easier than tier 1 but still brilliant choices for you.


belrain idle heroes

Faction: Light
Class: Priest

  • Belrain’s function is to mend and help other heroes for PVE content in Idle heroes.
  • Grace to her toolkit, she will be able to achieve this exceedingly nicely. 
  • In the team, Belrain’s Holy light sparkle will offer quality buffs, and her spirituality will quietly maintain your crew wholesome.
  • Ordinary, she is a splendid hero to sign for, considering the fact that she could be very beneficial in each PVP and PVE content, and that’s why she is on the tier list.

Dark Arthindol

Faction: Dark
Class: Mage

  • The most thrilling heroes in Idle Heroes is Dark Arthindol.
  • She has the ability of crew command and efficacy. 
  • Her major power is her crazily fine blast accident. The motive for this is her quiet ability preemptive protection. This permits her to benefit large harm buff when she gets harm, which raises with fitness percentage misplaced. 
  • If she is able to live on lengthy enough with this buff active, she will be able to destroy the whole opponent crew with her cosmic color active ability. 
  • This makes her extraordinarily a laugh with play with and because of the purpose she’s on the tier list.


aspen idle heroes

Faction: Dark
Class: Warrior

  • Aspen is one other hero fantastically suit for PVE content of idle heroes.
  • Greeting to his dread’s coming, he’s capable of saddle with some critical harm against supervisors, and his primary attacks target 3 opponents, that are ideally fitted for PVE content. 
  • To pinnacle matters off, he can also deal greater harm in opposition to goals low on hp, and that is incredible while battling supervisors with good-sized hp swimming pools.
  • And without exception, Aspen is definitely an exquisite hero, truly worthy a niche in this tier listing.


ormus idle heroes

Faction: Fortress
Class: Priest

  • Healing, restoration, recovery… That pretty ton sums up Ormus’ skill set in terms of basic recuperation energy, Ormus is quite incomparable. 
  • Obliged to his blue lightning laser, he is able to cure the bottom hp helper, and also vicinity a rescue mark on that helper. 
  • This mark will activate as soon as the helper is low on hp so that it will activate a burst-healing impact. 
  • Ormus’ heart will permit him to vicinity rescue marks on his complete group once his hp drops low. 
  • And his restoration ability will permit Ormus to continuously cure his group. 
  • The most effective thing saving Ormus from being higher on our listing for PVE is the reality that is different from other heroes, he best presents curing, but he does so extraordinarily nicely.                                                          


Faction: Abyss
Class: Priest

  • Understands (a hundred and fifty% of attack) harm towards four stray opponents and reduces the strength of (will increase damage taken by way of 50%?) 
  • The goals for three cycles increases 1 stray partner’s power by means of 100.
  • Fundamental attack goals back-line opponents, offers ninety percent harm and decreases opponent armor by using fifteen percent for 3 cycles, cures two stray partners for (twenty percent of partners’ maximum fitness) Hp. 
  • Boosting Hp through thirty percent, and velocity through sixty percent, decreases harm by twenty percent whilst under fifty percent fitness, has a seventy-five percent hazard to shake up all the opponents for two cycles (can most effective be induced as soon as)


nakia idle heroes

Faction: Abyss
Class: Assassin

  • Primary assault motive three stray opponents, treating (Ninety-five percent of violation) harm, decreasing them by twelve percent of assault, and flaming them by six percent of Valkyries’ maximum HP) harm for one spherical.
  • When managed, bring back itself (two hundred percent of assault) HP per cycle for three cycles, and flames three stray opponents by (three percent of Valkyrie’s maximum HP) harm for one cycle.


Faction: Fortress
Class: Ranger

  • Valkyrie is one the good harm controller that controls a variety of harm on her own maximum HPS, and because of this Valkyrie becomes robust with the right tools. Equalized amount of skills, land bursting damage, and practicality, clear, and dependable hero.
  • She has an enormous energy spike to at least one’s PVP and PVE line up.CC willing, but, isn’t actively disallow for becoming CC. 
  • One of the maximum important struggles health pool (HP) within the entertainment. Easy to gear and seeming to alter aspect. 
  • No longer incapacitated by attack lower, Attack take. It doesn’t need to loss adversarial for safe information and the alternative way around. 
  • The prominent part of her damage, Damage after a specific time (Dab), neglects opponent heroes’ support, damage waning.

Tier 2:

Heroes in this tier are stunning and they will give you reward while staying with them.

Faith Blade:

Faction: Light
Class: Assassin

  • Faith Blade seems a little silly character and his harm outcome is foolish as well. Definitely in sense of helpful.
  • He use to hit the opponent with its low fitness, and bargain access harm to them, and that makes sure that you can destroy lean opponents. 
  • I have had attacks when the opponents lived with lower HPs and after that my characters denied to harm them permitting them to crash me. Definitely not so good. 
  • This affection unites well blood giving, as it permits you to fully reuse your power after the death of every opponent, 
  • This is the thing you can pledge with ready for collection. His sharp skill stuns opponents hit those have more energy than him. 
  • Faith Blade, as with every other mild hero, is nicely used along with different light heroes, as all of them have a tendency to increase the general holy harm treated their skills


jhara idle heroes

Faction: Shadow
Class: Mage

  • Jahra seems very cool and her energetic capability is definitely exciting. 
  • Immoral disease hits four stray opponents and kill them, cause them more harm for two cycles.
  • Moreover, it has a 20% risk to both benumb them and hardens them for two cycles. 
  • This makes Jahra very risky, as with a few suitable RNG rolls she will be able to disable the whole crew. 
  • She also takes the assault of the opponents she strikes, and she has a possibility to cure herself every time she hits by means of an active capacity.
  • Generally, a strong choice in case you are seeking out a damage hero and are missing within the crew handling branch.                                     

King Barton:

king barton idle heroes

Faction: Abyys
Class: Warrior

  • King Barton is a less interesting person on the list. Don’t take this word in a negative sense, he is a crazily good character, but he is a little boring. 
  • When he hits by an opponent it makes him stronger and gets less harm, and he retaliates each hit and yes that’s it. And this is the grace for the tier list.
  • King Barton is a splendid reactive hero, does a billion damage, He does a lot of harms and he stuns the opponents, at the same time as hitting a couple of them with each assault. 
  • And it’s not easy for you to kill him as there is the only way for supervisors and comes on the higher three tiers of the reactive heroes


valentino idle heroes

Faction: Fortress
Class: Ranger

Valentino has fantastic abilities and performs the brilliant position in-game  as you could simply check

  • Electric powered energy surge (Active) – assault 4 stray goals, handles eighty five percent harm of the assault to one of the goal and having sixty percent risk to stun it for 2 cycles, accords  hundred and fifteen percent harm of the assault to each of the goals and has a 30% threat to stun it for 2 cycles, offers 135% damage of the assault to each of the goals and has a 15% possibility to stun it for two cycles, offers 185% of harm to the final goal.
  • Overload (Passive) – On every occasion when a partner consumes sharp abilities, each stray opponent gets 8 percent of assault harm for one spherical and has a ten percent threat to grow to be shocked for 2 cycles.
  • Conductive constitution (Passive) – Fitness via fifteen percent, boom pace by means of 15, become resistant to stun and growth important chance through ten percent.
  • Barrier (Passive) – When health goes below than eighteen percent %, growth harm reduction by twenty percent for five cycles (activates one time).

Tier 2.5:


amuvor idle heroes

Faction: Dark
Class: Assassin

  • Amuvor has the ability to remove heroes directly from combat. 
  • Her energetic capability bargains three hundred percent harm towards 2 stray opponents.
  • On pinnacle of that she offers one hundred eighty percent greater assault harm opposed to monk, If her goal is having extra HPs than her, she is going to offer twenty percents of  goal as more harm, 
  • Additionally she profits forty percent crit for three cycles. the forty percent crit increase and the above harm values in her energetic are what makes a crit build very sturdy on her.
  • Not like most meta heroes, Amuvor doesn’t gain substantially from an power rarity. There are multiple motives why that is. 
  • Firstly, Amuvor’s 1st passive capability offers her 30 strength on every occasion when a partner hero uses an energetic capacity. 
  • We can say that if two of your characters assault first she could be ready to apply her lively besides. This makes an boosting artifact as a substitute pointless. 
  • Staying with a crit stone make sure she will be able to continually crit along with her assaults.   


aidan idle heroes

Faction: Shadow
Class: Mage

  • Quite conditional ultimate in burst hero.
  • It is genuinely hard preserving him alive, within the second place. 
  • And when the back heroes get dead, its quite time alarming to switch the tables.
  • line up is— front: eight* CD, 10* Aidan. back: 10BB, 10walter, nine* bleecker, 9* kharim.  plan on hero changing him for Kamath if he would not get bared                                       


Faction: Fortress
Class: Priest

  • I sometimes don’t understand why Emily’s strength level is on lower rank in the game. 
  • This hero is the first-rate guide. Beneath Nightmare inferior the opponent’s attention, and it’s poisonous when blended with high block possibilities, like Xia’s because it will make the opponents essentially not able to land an assault.
  • And she also energizes her partners’ assault and pace. 
  • Every other issue that makes Emily high-quality is that she decreases the crit threat of the opponents she strikes.
  • And finally, when fitness becomes lower than 50 percent, she will increase the assault of her parties, at the same time as decreasing the armor of her opponents.
  • A totally solid preference for an offensive guide, despite the fact that the dearth of restoration makes her a bit less ideal than heroes like Vesa and Belrain.


Faction: Fortress
Class: Assassin

  • Xia is every other notable reactive hero. 
  • She is extremely good in reactive ranking and shadow Step makes her completely suitable, .
  • Other than that, Xia is all approximately damage, and she is excellent at it. She constantly objectives the weakest opponent hero, and separating them instantly, way to the numerous damage bonuses she receives against weakest opponents.
  • The other thing that makes her reasonable in the reactive condition is Whirlwind sweep. And this creates too much damage; it’s far the single maximum harm capability 
  • I’ve had the delight to check out. Xia  also has the place in tier list in best heroes and has rank on top 3

Tier 3:

Such a good tier. All the heroes in this tier are viable picks and you won’t regret choosing any of these heroes


michele idle heroes

Faction: Light
Class: Ranger

  • Michelle is first-rate and will stay great for the predictable destiny.
  • She is 2nd most effective to Belrain within the crew(till the time someone modifies my thoughts). 
  • Although they may be about to launch a night Light hero so then she’ll be on third… still a top notch desirable hero welcome on any GVE.

Das Moge:

das moge idle heroes

Faction: Dark
Class: Ranger

  • Das moge and Amavour have the same ranking mostly, But Das Moge needs a variety of help and specific tools.
  • Most of the opponents get 54 percent of assault damage, take 20% of assault to bleed damage for 3 cycles and take forty-eight percent of assault bleed damage for 3 cycles if goal is a ranger.
  • Grows capability harm with the assault of 37.5%, assault by 20% and HP through using 20%.
  • While consuming  primary assault, boom assault by way of 6% and speed with the aid of five for three cycles.
  • When a partner uses the sharp ability, it increases the ability damages by 10 percent and energy by 10percent 


corpsedemon idle heroes

Faction: Shadow
Class: Warrior

  • Corpsedemon has the ability to freeze the opponent with his acting ability as the Iceblink has. 
  • However, in place of restoration his power, he cures himself in spite.
  • And he also cures himself when his fitness goes below than 50 percent and he has the luck to numb his opponents those who attack him. 
  • He is absolutely a good choice for a reactive hero


sigmund idle hero

Faction: Fortress
Class: Warrior

  • Sigmund is a top reactive hero.
  • And he can easily be replace able with Skerie whenever you need him
  • Facing with reactive hero he hass the excellent ability  of threaten all his opponents with fireballs and flame bombardment are actually crazy and definitely this ability is one of the most favorite in game. 
  • It accords damage to 3 stray opponents then it reduces 30% in their armor and block, and then it destroys them by handling extra harm each spherical for three cycles.
  • Lets suppose all of this isn’t sufficient, the flare is greater productive opposed to fighters, bargaining extra damage to them each cycle

Flame Strike:

flamestrike idle heroes good

Faction: Fortress
Class: Mage

  • As most of the people just assuming that Flamestrick might be on the top price in the PO event and Flamestrick, she might be quite smooth to convey up.
  • However, is she too much bad? Has each person attempted building a crew round burning? Like Valk, Cthuga, flamestrike, Sigmund. 
  • She’s capable of doing a quite big burst Dmg. she’s extra steady now


Image result for skerei idle heroes"

Faction: Abyss
Class: Mage

  • Are you amazed by knowing that Skerie is an excellent reactive hero? Yes he is!!!
  • She might be quite smooth to convey up.
  • Thanks to his operating skill, In reality, he is just a crazily good as a burst hero and we are definitely amused to have the ability that the more he assaults a goal he will become more powerful.
  • And he has the capability that he just kills just about anyone is some hits and making him the alarming burst hero. 
  • Lightning marks are perfect, as you just don’t want to apply as many when not in the slot one. 
  • And it isreliable to run more than one Skerei in case, I will appreciate you if you are going to try so, you will be definitely happy.


Image result for cthugha idle heroes"

Faction: Abyss
Class: Ranger

  • Offers burn and bleed harm over the years and tigers any lasting burn or bleed as burst damage with extra harm

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