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Idle Heroes Guide for Beginner’s – Actionable Strategies that help

About Idle heroes 

Idle heroes is a pleasing mobile game. It is also known as RPG which is launched by the Chinese publisher Droid Hang Games (DH Games) in June 2016. The meaning of RPG is that on leaving the Idle heroes you are able to begin a few projects and then you will again continue the game these tasks will be completed. You can easily get this in your android and IOS for free. And can be easily downloaded from provided app stores. The main purpose of the game is to collect the circle of heroes and gradually develop or enhance them with advanced features.

Game’s Guide:

Here in this Idle heroes Guide, We are going to discuss some main strategies and these strategies are definitely going to help you in playing the game perfectly. And these tips will cover all the main aspects of Idle Heroes including the dominant element of the game which is the Idle System. And also focusing on the characters that how you are going to assemble characters by instructing them to turn into greatest soldiers. It not difficult to assemble and recollect a group of greatest warriors with the help of this game’s Guide. We hope that our guide is quite useful for new players as well.

Actionable Strategies that help!

Our Idle heroes Guide has all the main and important aspects that you must have an idea about playing the Idle heroes. We are telling you the most helpful and important strategies below that are going to explain and understand how you can play the game and make you master the game.

Complete Registration

idle heroes Complete Registration

If you are new to Idle heroes then, first of all, you have to do is register yourself in the game by giving your email address and password. And by registering yourself you will be awarded by 5 stars Norma. She is almost not the best hero but she is a natural 5-star hero and this is the best chance for you to get the Norma as well and after getting her you just need to assemble her and level her up.

Be careful while using the coins

idle heroes coins

At the start, it looks like you are having a lot of coins, but when you are going to level up your main heroes, you may have fewer coins and incapable of moving forward till the time certain things get fresh. Definitely irritating!!! So just don’t level up those characters which are not going to use in the game and be careful about spending these coins.

Check out all the icons

It is not going to take much of your time to check out all of the icons on the main game screen, so you won’t neglect any available event which acquires easy resources. Some parts of the game can only be unlocked when you reach a certain level of the game. And that involves looking at the events to see which is play worthy for you.

Team making

At the start of the game, you are mostly going to have 3 stars heroes which are the worst characters to play with. It is time-consuming for you to find and getting the best characters in your team. As 5 stars heroes are obviously the best characters in the game but these are very difficult to get. So your minimum objective should be getting 4 stars heroes as fast as you can. And try to use a stick with 4 stars heroes till the time you don’t get all the 5 stars heroes.

The other main point is to keep your 5 stars characters in the last line so your weak characters expire early in the fights. The last row is going to be your last spot and the characters in the last row are going to be your perfect characters and will compete with any leftover opponents.

It’s easy for you to measure how much an opponent is good by their irregularity. Characters that are rare will be better as compared to others.

You can get a 10 percent bonus in different places if you have a specific composition of characters as all the characters are from one section.

Ways from where you can get 5 stars characters. 

  • Summon
  • From Market Place
  • Collect Shards

Categories of Heroes

There are three categories of Heroes

Group 1:  Characters that are naturally strong get upgradeable to ten characters and these characters are Iceblink, Rosa, and Sigmund. These are the heroes you will find hardly they can only get summoned in the five-star form. But at the end of the game, they can give and take in your favor and just don’t make the mistake of using them as fodder for the other characters

Group 2: Characters as Divine Spirit, Aleria, Norma are not that much easy to get but upgrading them up to 9 stars is not that much easy task. You can have the advantage of them by scarifying them when you reach 9 stars to get 10-star characters.

Group 3: Characters who are not that much important like Tanner, Wind-Walker, Kargath can be beneficial as fodder. Such Heroes who are not at all worthy like Tanner, Wind-Walker, Kargath can be useful as a fodder.

If a player is fortuitous, so they can get a chance of replacing with Prophet Orbs.

Dark and light heroes:

Dark and Light heroes are too much difficult to find and upgrade, they are super heroes for any group and born to be legends. However, just don’t think of upgrading them past 6 till the time you are going to have enough clones of 10+.

Tier list:

Idle heroes guide is going to help you know about the tier list of Idle heroes. You just keep this in mind that all the characters in the games have their own skills. And for that, you have to identify all character’s skills together with tips that have used to perform with it. And you have an idea that what kind of competitor are you and which categories’ characters may perform for your position.  

Brave trial 

The brave trial is actually the superb place to have the Chaos Stones for your pets and that’s the only thing you want to have till the time you max out your previous pet. At the time of starting the game, you can just easily use this trick to clean out the Brave Trial. Just level up the character Norma past 40 and keep the other at 40. A level 100 Norma can help you out the cleaning the whole Brave Trial for tons of Dragon scales.


You can buy 5 stars, heroes, from the stores. And continuing to buying a 10star hero, you should know that competitor has at least one clone of them because this will do good to you

Just keep this in the mind that you are going to have many stores in the Idle heroes from where you will able to purchase fives stars characters but important stores are Altar Shop and wishing fountain. And only purchase those which are placed in group one. The one who doesn’t have a clone of them is just senseless so purchase those if you already have a clone of them. 

Treasure stone 

Just do not waste your savings in upgrading the stones behind the Green level once you are clear about not updating it to ten.


Some Challenges have several levels. These Challenges in Idle Heroes are actually accomplishments. You will be going to get awards for doing specific activities. 

Quest and Battles

Every new day in Idle Heroes, you will be having new quests and battles and try to complete these as many as you can. These daily quests and battles are not that much time consuming and by completing these quests and battles they will make you understand your characters more closely and will give you good awards. This will make you more expert while using them. Mostly they are changed from one another so they will keep you stick to the game. I have advice for the players who are new to the game that does not quest for those who costs more than twenty gems and more than 4-star hero shards. Try to choose 5 stars, 6 stars, and 7 stars quest.

Profit tree

Save all the profit orbs for having a 5-star hero from light and dark faction or for the function. If you have a chance then try to replace the (group three 5 star hero) from (group one 5 star hero). In case you are having more than 80 profit orbs so they can be used as a small quantity to have the heroes of factions as abyss or forests

Market place

When we talk about consuming the gems then you should give seniority to Aspen Dungeon than to the Marketplace. Till the time you have more than 10k gems try to save the gems in spite of wasting them on Marketplace.

Event raid

Try to complete the Event Raid on a daily basis. Before level 100 you will be able to buy more fights for more hero shields. And Progress in Idle heroes is all about events.


You can buy the extra rare heroes from the Altar shop. You have to spend 5k Soul Stone to modernizing the Altar shop but you should only do it if you are having a clone of the hero. After completing the Heroic Summon Event, a competitor is going to have enough Soul Stone Sharad which you can use to purchase those heroes.

Casino/Wishing fountain

Events will want to have Casino awards as much as possible for them at the time of wishing coins. Use only one coin for twisting the wheel and neglect using ten coins at the same time for this intention.


Forging gears and upgrading gear is just the worst thing in Blacksmith. As it claims a good quantity of gold so the player should avoid this. Three moderate gears will be sufficient for daily forge so try not to invest gold in it. 

Brave trial

Brave Trial is basically the place where Participants can get Chaos Stones for their pets. Here in Brave trial, Norma is going to help you in achieving the whole Brave Trial. The participants who are new to the game should high the level of their Norma to 100 while keeping others at level 40.


You are going to get monsters after completing 70 levels and these monsters are extremely worthy for your team. Selecting the right monster for your team is the main point. They will give a buff to characters and strong appropriate assault from which player is going to get a large turning point in the fight.


A player should be very careful while choosing the pets because in the start pets will play a very important role in the game.

Aspen Dragon

Players are supposed to cross 5 levels by competing in opposed to maximum of 4 opponents at each level. Beginners should choose Norma as he is going to help you come up to a normal stage very swiftly.


Guild coins are important So players should use Guild coins for Tech upgrade only but not for the purpose of shopping in the marketplace. By upgrading the tech, the performances of the characters are going to rise as a whole.

Play the campaign 

Idle Heroes features a campaign and there you will be able to get awards for your characters. It also features the idle system so it’s not necessary for you to be active in the game to get these awards. You can have an option where you can specify your characters to auto-fights in combat so they can keep them engaged while you are not in the game. In campaign mode, you can get new tools and supplies. Your characters can wear these tools and supplies can be used to upgrade tools after that.

Understanding the creation circle 

Creation Circle is a place where you can replace useless heroes with better ones. But do not replace the hero with whom you can upgrade the process so understand the upgrade claims properly. You can’t recover the replaced hero, once it’s done it is done.

When you will have enough 4 and 5 stars, heroes, you can replace all the characters from level 3 as they will be useless after that. In case, if you want to replace the character of level 4 you can do that as well but keep this in mind that you are going to have better replacement than that but if you are not sure that you can need that hero for future times just do not replace that character. 

Friends and heart farming

This feature of the play looks more indecisive than the known parts of the play but make sure that your friend list is full of friends and this is much important that you are the member of the guild as it can assist you to level up speedily 

The more friends you are having in your friend list the more hearts you can get and hearts can be used to summon characters so definitely you will want to increase the amount of hearts you get.

Put an “add me” in the chat and add as many people as much you can this will make you help in getting or calming the more farm hearts from them. This strategy can also help you to give a chance to take on the “boss marauders” And they are the strengthen bosses that take tries to kill. But if are going to find any then, your friend list will help you to bring it down and you will get success. 

You can unite with your friends and help them to kill their bosses as well that is related to guild raids. You should regularly farm hearts from people to increase your skills in leveling up.

Diamond collection

Diamonds are the prime folding money of Idle Heroes so you are supposed to keep the diamonds for the suitable purchase or when you really need them. If you are an energetic participant then getting diamonds are not that much difficult task and they are easy to get. All you have to do is to finish clashes and quests regularly, practice other game forms so you can have a good quantity of diamonds in some days. If you use your diamonds for performing 10 heroic Summons then there is a chance that you are going to have some 5 stars heroes and also other heroes.

Ending point

We hope that this guide is going to help you in almost all aspects. You can tell us your reviews in the comment below!

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