Idle Heroes Events

Idle Hero Events – All Information That You Need

Idle Hero Events

Idle hero events are basically very important for the players in the game as players can get betterment in the Idle heroes and they can get worthy things and most importantly they can have best tier heroes as well but in case if you are able to know that how events work. So here we will provide you the informative strategies to make the events in the game.


There are two categories of events

Monthly events

These are the events that happen in a month and the events that include in monthly events are Fusion, Tavern, Broken Space and Militants.

Weekly events

Events that happen in a week are weekly events and in weekly events, you can have 2-3 events.

Normally an event takes a week to complete and it begins at 1 am as per GMT +0. Almost 7 to 8 events can run collectively and if you want to join the weekly event then you must have to hold for at least month and if you want to get your date of upcoming time then you have to check the previous event’s date.

Monthly events list:

1) Militants event (Fighter’s competition)

At the time of the Militants event, players have to apply in fights in opposition to players in two Arenas in-game, the demo of the bosses and the crystal crown league. The rule for these events are given below

  1. To conquer one fight is equal to two points.
  2. 1 lost fight is equal to one point.
  3. When a player gets some points then you will get the awards in your inbox. 
  4. When a player conquers all fights, all you require is four hundred Arena tickets to finish the whole event.

Just keep this in mind that you are having two free of cost tickets daily because of everyday Quests so don’t race and you are going to recover the number of tickets at the last of the month. Do not use the gems till the time you do not need them. And try to complete the monthly event steady. Just assume that you can complete three fights daily in the Crystal crown league and conquer all of them, you receive 180 points for just 30 Arena tickets in a month. You can complete the last 10 fights in the end week. Try to purchase only Arena tickets with Gold from Aspen Dungeon. Keep your gems save for the other purpose.

2) Tavern Quest Event:

This is the most homely event as compared to all other monthly events. The player needs to search some Traven quests to receive rewards (i.e. gems). Various star characters can receive player awards for various amounts of quests as to receive a 4-star quest a player should have 4-star character and the player must have to finish 30 quests. And in 5-star quests, a player has to finish twenty quests, and in six-star quests, one has to finish five quests and in seven-star quests one has to finish just two quests accordingly. All you need is to practice to do this event otherwise it is going to be useless.

3) Fusion and awakening event:

The most loving event of the game. This event lets you use every character in your account, building your crew much powerful and this is definitely the superb part of the game.Mid All of the event players require to tour the Creation Circle building to uniting character up to 5/6 and the player also needs to upgrade characters up to 9/10. And each time a player upgrades he is going to get a mail with awards in the inbox. Most importantly this event is quite worthy for you to have the pet dose as you know high-level pets have their own importance in the fights. Try not to use the dark and light characters in this event. As they will help you in a heroic miracle event.

4) Broken Space:

There are 7 different levels in the Broken Space to contest during this event. And each contest uses 1 contest token, which can be easily bought with gems. Every contest is going to give you multiple awards and cleaning a level can give you complimentary clearance awards in your mails. The levels of this event can be shattered as you shattered the level, every remaining contest token will be returned to you This event is going to be restart as the event timer terminates.

Weekly event list:

How many Prophet Orbs does an event have?

The main event in this Orb is Prophet Summon Event

Prophet Summon Event:

Here you can have awarded by getting the points in the events so the player should get suitable points for the usage of Prophet Orbs. Normally by getting 80 points, you are going to have all awards. By the use of Prophet, Orbs players can get prophet blessing which can be later on replaced by five stars characters. When you get all the five-star characters in your crew then just do not need to waste these Prophet Orb against the event or outside the event. Always try to save these prophet orbs. Those who are new to this game should try to go for forest faction. This is going to help you for sure. And one tip we are going to give you here is that always keep the awards in form of tokens or shards as they won’t take much space in your account and try to spend these shards or token only for the shelter of the characters or when you will be needing fodder for updating the characters.

Heroic Summon Event

For achieving an award a player should use the Heroic Summon Scroll and these Scrolls are going to help players in getting awards and points. Try not to spend these Scroll outside the event unless you are a new player in the game and try your best to save them. By one Heroic Summon Scroll, you can get one point as having 500 points can make you win a variety of awards. And afterward, a player can have a variety of exceptional characters in the events.

Casino Event (Wishing Fountain Event)

A player has to twirl the wishing fountain in this event and it will give him points as each twirl can give them wishing coin. You have to save these coins for level 80. This event is quite interesting for the VIP players as they have the ability to twirl the wishing fountain 10 times consecutively. And VIP players can have other offers of saving the chips like they just need 480 chips in place of 600 chips to complete the event.

Treasure Chest Event (Gem Boxes)

In this event, a player is able to buy the treasure chest by the gems they have. Getting the chest is very important as you can get the worthy things which can be later on used in the Idle heroes. Mostly you require just 15k gems to have a treasure chest.

Exchanging of hero Event (Altar Event)

This the event where you have the freedom of having exceptional characters and for that, a player has to use the soul stone token to buy few of the healthy ultra exceptional heroes from the Altar Store So it is very important for you to keep these soul stone tokens safe as for purchasing a character a players needs 4000 t0 5000 soul stones tokens.

Heroic Miracle Event:

At the start mid-level of the idle heroes, this event is quite difficult to many players.  As players need to Summon 2,3 and 5-star heroes of all the factions. A player is not going to complete this event until the time a player finishes the Prophet Orb event. The event actually assists you to summon much of 5 stars characters from Hero Shards a player was having in his account and letting player update the characters. Keep this in mind that a player can summon a 5-star hero in the summon circle spending 1000 summon points if a player’s VIP stage is two or above that Try to use the Dark and light shard in the event.

Shelter event:

This event is the most superb event of the game for the players of the new mid-level of the Idle heroes. It actually permits characters to select certain characters from the list and most worthy thing is that these characters are best for PVE battles. In the event, the player has to need certain 4 or 5-star characters to replace by certain 5 stars characters and you have to spend certain characters and that is the reason that this event is difficult if you don’t have many characters in your account.

Gray Dwarves’ Blessing event:

This event is a recent event where you can have the opportunity to update your characters to the next stage as the 4-star character upgraded to 5-star hero and a 5-star character updated to 6-star character and the 6 six-star charter becomes the certain set. In this event you can spend gold and gems to update the highest gears to the advanced stage.

Campaign loot (Shop event):

This event is the favorite event of the game and at the time of Campaign loot event, all you have to spend time in the auto campaign to take loot that has the events things as well. And these things can be used to replace certain awards.Log into the game and assemble the loot. If you don’t use the money then you can replace the low star characters in the event shop.

Login Bonus Event:

This event you just don’t need to effort a lot and this is the fun playing event for the players. This event will help you in getting awards. It is a monthly event and completes one month player can take part in a login bonus at any place in the game. The player who is new to the game has four Heroic Summon Scroll, 3100 gems Aleria, Starlet and a complete Hunter set. And from the start of the new month player can get a four Heroic Summon Scroll, 90 x 4 Stars hero shards, a five-star hero and 930 gems.

I hope this Idle hero event article is informative and helpful for you. How was the article let us know in the comment section below!

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